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About Us


Our mission is to educate all students to high academic standards in an environment that cultivates character, fosters appropriate social behavior and inspires the love of learning.


The Brookfield School is committed to sharing the philosophy, mission and goals of the Brockton Public Schools. By viewing the school as an extension of the family, the educational progress of each student becomes a shared responsibility between the school and the home. Together we will strive to foster a lifelong love of learning, an appreciation of the cultural diversity of our community and an environment that promotes academic excellence and high standards for all.

The Brookfield School Offers ...

  • Reading initiatives, including a literacy closet, peer and buddy reading, and literacy learning centers.
  • The Second Step program for character education.
  • A vibrant Parent Teacher Organization that supports learning and sponsors activities including the Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Parade, Holiday Workshop, Annual Fun Day and 6thgrade dinner/dance. Family activities like the Bingo for Books, Literacy Nights and Family Games Nights are offered in conjunction with the Title I Department.
  • Student of the Month recognition program.

  Brookfield - School Report Card 2020

Building & Facilities
Built in 1963; 22 classrooms, 1-5; 250 seat cafeteria and auditorium; library; gymnasium, fenced in courtyard (play area), fenced in school yard for security, adjacent to city recreational areas which are available for school use, natural setting of school is ideal for nature walks and outdoor activities.